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The Wright Stitch

Repair It, Don’t Toss It!

Hello! My name is Linda Wright and welcome to The Wright Stitch!

If you have nice pants that need to be a little larger or smaller, let me take care of that. Altering special occasion dresses to make them perfect for you would be my pleasure. Having a baby? Celebrate and create a future heirloom with a personalized embroidered baby blanket. Your favorite dress that needs a few little alterations, I can make it right for you.

Patches on uniforms should always look professional. Have a wedding dress that requires altering? You should bring it in. Your jacket that needs a new zipper? No reason to wait; I'll fix that.

New shirt sleeves or pant legs always too long? This is a common problem that is easily solved when you have a seamstress ready to customize them for you. That great sports jacket that you're not wearing because you want the buttons replaced or changed? It is time for you to put it back on.

Have a nice coat that has the lining torn? Let me take a look at it; normally, it is simpler to fix than it looks. Want your pants modified for suspenders? What a great look. Your mink coat has a problem with its lining? This is a fairly common problem that is often straightforward
to fix.

My tea towels make wonderful special occasion gifts or a nice way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Zippers are always having problems in all types of clothes; let me fix them for you. Sometimes a person just needs a zipper relocated or installed in a dress that doesn't have one. Don't just think about it; give me a call.

I require an appointment because it enables me to provide quality service, which requires me to focus 100% of my attention on one customer at a time. Get in touch with me in Fort Collins, Colorado today!

Mission Statement 

My mission is to provide quality professional services as a seamstress to individuals needing my assistance. I devote the time required to personalize each project for the customer. Repairing and altering garments beyond the customer's expectation is always my ultimate objective.

About Me

I fell in love with sewing when I was first introduced to it at age 8. The lady that presented me with this joy took me as a student and over several years as her student, my skills and affection for creating and customizing clothes became my passion. In my early twenties, I was employed as a professional seamstress at a garment manufacturer and produced shirts that were sold in major stores throughout
the United States.

For several years, raising my children was my primary focus. As my children got older, I went to work for companies as a professional seamstress producing various types of clothing for retail sale. When my children were grown, I had the time to focus on doing
professional sewing.

In 2000, I formally started my company The Wright Stitch. At that time, I added machine embroidery utilizing software to add monograms and to create items with personalized axioms. My baby blankets are fun to make as well as being very popular. I enjoy creating solutions for people, ranging from newborns to great-grandparents.

I took my company on the road following my husband's business. I operated in Texas, Hawaii, Washington State, and, eventually, Colorado. I moved to Fort Collins in 2012. My business continues to grow and I enjoy the many people whom I get to know initially as my customers. The most unique feature of my business is a focus on personalization, ensuring the project is customized to the individual.

This takes more time and, often, more interaction with the customer than the majority of seamstresses are either willing or can commit to. The upside is that, often, these satisfied customers become friends. I am very pleased to say that my extended family continues to grow. Much of my business is from referrals that these valued friends provide.

Making Fort Collins, Colorado my permanent home has been excellent for my business. My husband, who is a retired engineer, now is my IT expert, bookkeeper, and secretary.

I get pleasure from sewing for people and seeing them happy with the finished product, whether it is a minor repair or a significant project. I often have people bring me a garment that they thought would have to be discarded; all it needed was a little attention and repair. I have fun, which is a great reason to sit down at my machines.

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